Gavaskar: Adapting into test cricket will be India’s biggest challenge

World test championship

During a recent interview with Star Sports’ ‘Follow the Blues,’ former Indian captain Sunil Gavaskar shed light on the upcoming challenge for the Indian cricket team as they prepare for the ICC WTC Final and adapt to the longer format of Test cricket. Gavaskar emphasized that transitioning from the T20 format to Test cricket would be the most significant test for the players.

Gavaskar highlighted that the majority of the players are more accustomed to the shorter format, with only Cheteshwar Pujara having experience in the longer format due to his participation in the English County Championship. He specifically mentioned Ajinkya Rahane and his opportunity to showcase his skills in the World Test Championship following his impressive performance in the IPL 2023.

Expressing his confidence in Rahane’s abilities and experience in English conditions, Gavaskar stressed the significance of his contribution at the number 5 position and his potential to regain his place in the Indian team.

Gavaskar’s observations emphasized the need for the Indian team to adjust quickly to the demands of Test cricket after their involvement in the IPL, with Rahane’s performance being a crucial factor in their pursuit of success in the ICC WTC Final.

India will feature in their 2nd consecutive WTC Final

Gavaskar said:

“The biggest test will be the fact that just about everybody will be coming out of a T20 format. And test cricket is a longer format. So, I think that’s going to be the big challenge. They have only Cheteshwar Pujara who has been playing in the English County Championship, so he will be the only guy who has played the longer format in these conditions, so that’s going to be the big challenge for them.”

About Rahane, Gavaskar said:

“He’s got a lot of experience having played in England, having scored runs in England. So, yes, I think he is going to be crucial down at number 5. And yes, I do believe he has a point to prove. I still feel he has got plenty of cricket left in him, and this is a wonderful opportunity for him. I’m hoping he will be able to grab this opportunity with all the experience that he has. And make a place for him back in the Indian team.”

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