Gavaskar lashes out at the selectors for not including Sarfaraz Khan

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Indian legend Sunil Gavaskar has lashed out at the selectors for not selecting Sarfaraz Khan despite scoring a truckload of runs in domestic cricket. Gavaskar took a dig at the selectors saying that if they want to play slim players in the team, they better pick models from a fashion show. 

Gavaskar did not mince a word

“At the end of the day, if you are unfit, you are not going to score hundreds. So cricket fitness is most important. I don’t have a problem with you wanting to do the Yo-Yo test or whatever it is, but the Yo-Yo test cannot be the only criterion. You got to make sure that the man is fit for cricket as well. And if the person, whoever it is, is fit for cricket, then I don’t think it should really matter,”

 Sunil Gavaskar told Sports Today.

“He is not staying off the field when he is scoring hundreds, he is back on the field again. All that tells you that the man is fit for cricket. If you are looking for only slim and trim guys, then you might as well go to a fashion show and pick some models and then give them a bat and ball in their hand and then include them”,

 Gavaskar added.

“You have cricketers in all shapes and sizes. Don’t go by the size, but go by the runs and the wickets,”

 he further added.

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