Gavaskar urges the media to stay away from overseas commentators

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Sunil Gavaskar has urged the media to stay away from the foreign commentators and ask about their opinion about a certain newcomer in the side. He feels that over reporting about a player may create an unnecessary hype about him in the media. The selectors might pick him even if he is not worthy. 

Gavaskar speaks

“Hopefully, our media won’t be going to overseas commentators asking who should be picked for India. Never forget that these commentators are loyal to their country and may actually suggest names that may not be what India need. We saw what happened in the last World Cup where a newcomer’s name was pushed by the overseas commentators during that season’s IPL and he was eventually picked over a proven performer and India ended up hardly playing him in the XI,” 

Gavaskar wrote in his column for Mid-Day.

SunnyG said that the views and opinions of the overseas commentators may affect the end result for the Indian cricket team. It might be a funny thing for them to comment, but it would cost us another World Cup. 

“Cricket being hugely popular, it is understandable that there has to be some cricket news or the other but it would be terrific if we don’t go around asking foreigners what our teams should be, because then the joke could well be on us, the Indian fans and it won’t be funny at all,”  he concluded. 

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