Graeme Swann helps packing gifts for charity donations

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Former England cricketer, Graeme Swann helped a charity pack gift boxes for their Christmas donations this year.

Graeme Swann volunteered for a gift packaging drive. The gifts were apparently packed for Christmas donations. The donations would reach out to the needy people of Nottinghamshire, England. The cricketer hails from Nottinghamshire itself.

The charity made an appeal to the people of Nottinghamshire to help them in packing these gift boxes. The volunteers gathered at Edwalton Parish Church for the drive. Further, Graeme Swann featured among the 40 volunteers.

“Any part you can play has to help,” Graeme Swann

Graeme Swann took part in the gift box packaging drive. He spoke to the media during the drive and said that he was astonished to see the number of donations that came this year.

“Any part you can play has to help. People can’t afford to put the heating on, people can’t afford presents. The generosity of everyone who has donated here is just ridiculous – the people who have donated their time as well”

The gift boxes contain a few essential items like gloves, and candles to beat the cold this December. Moreover, the boxes will also have chocolates and desserts for a holiday celebration for the needy. Further, the boxes will go to needy people such as homeless people, children, and domestic abuse survivors.

A member of the charity, Hetvi Parekh, spoke to the media and said that their motto remains to spread happiness during the holiday season. Also, she said that this year, the boxes are needed more than ever as people are finding it extremely difficult to make a living for themselves.

“This year more than ever people definitely need these boxes. The common scenario is really difficult given the cost of living crisis. People are making choices between to eat or to heat their house so presents are a long way off. The moto is to spread some joy”

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