Hardik Pandya praised over Rohit Sharma, by Gavaskar as the next captain

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Whenever Hardik Pandya got the chance to lead in place of Rohit Sharma, the Indian all-rounder grabbed the attention. So Sunil Gavaskar wants to see Hardik as the captain instead of Rohit without too much delay after the World Cup in the country.

An all-rounder like Hardik brings balance to the team. Just as he can bat in a devastating mood, he can also cause batsmen to worry with the ball. Gavskar feels that Hardik can play a big role in the one-day series starting against Australia. Rohit will not play in the first ODI against Australia. Hardik will lead that match. Gavaskar said,

“The way Hardik has led the Gujarat Titans and the Indian team is admirable. I think if India can win the first match in Mumbai, Hardik should be considered as the captain after the World Cup.”

Gavaskar feels that having Hardik in the middle order of the Indian team is a great asset for the team. He said,

“Hardik has the ability to turn the match in the middle order. He used to change his batting order while playing for Gujarat. Hardik knows when to score quick runs. Accordingly, he would enter the field. If someone wants to take responsibility himself, fight from the front instead of pushing other cricketers forward, then you have to understand that he is a very important cricketer.”

Sunil Gavaskar feels that a sense of relief works in the team under Hardik Pandya’s captaincy

Gavaskar also like the leadership style of Hardik. The former India captain said,

“There is a sense of relief in the team when Hardik is leading. Maybe it is because of the way he runs the team. He removes the worries from the team’s cricketers. It is very important. If there is such an environment, the cricketers can also give their best.”

Australia will play the first one-day match against India on March 17. That match will be in Mumbai. Second match on March 19. The last match will be on March 22. These two matches will be played in Visakhapatnam and Chennai.

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