Hardik Pandya urges: keep teammates away from press conferences

Hardik Pandya - Mohammed Shami - Gujarat Titans

Hardik Pandya did not allow reporters to face him after the match. The Gujarat Titans captain does not want any team-mates to be interviewed during the IPL. Does he believe in dictatorship? Does he want to keep something secret from the group? It is not. Hardik’s decision is for the sake of his teammates.

In big competitions, there are failures as well as successes. Sometimes there is controversy about some issues. Many questions from journalists are uncomfortable. Some questions are confusing. The Gujarat captain does not want to put his teammates in such a situation. He doesn’t want to send teammates to press conferences, especially if the team loses. Hardik said,

“I have made a rule when it comes to meeting reporters after matches or distributing awards. As the captain, I should face the reporters. However, I want to go during the press conference or interview. It is very important. In many cases the statement is interpreted differently. It is controversial. I don’t want my cricketers to fall into such a situation. And if someone says something wrong, it can be presented in a different way. It can go against our team. Tensions can build up within the team. As a captain, I don’t want that to happen.”

Hardik Pandya loves to do boring things

Hardik Pandya has the experience of being a five-time IPL champion. He won four times for Mumbai Indians. Last season, as the captain of Gujarat, he won the team the trophy for the first time. Hardik said,

“I am lucky. I was in the champion team four times before. The win for Gujarat was like cherry on the cake. But a win is always a win. Of course last time’s win is also special for me.”

Hardik once joked that leadership is boring to him. He said,

“I don’t mind doing boring work if I can lift the trophy.”

When asked if he dislikes leadership, Hardik Pandya said,

“Not at all. I don’t mind. I love to do boring work. The most boring tasks are the most important. Such as fitness training. If the task of getting your hands on the trophy is boring, no problem. Because that’s what matters most.”

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