Harsha Bhogle and Ben Stokes weigh in on non-striker’s run-out debate

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Harsha Bhogle, who is in favor of the non-striker’s run-out rule, pointed out the incident on his Twitter account. He responded to critics who opposed the rule and claimed that it went against the ‘Spirit of the Game.’ Bhogle asked, “Are there still people who think that non-striker’s should not be run out? Bishnoi was leaving his crease early. Only silly people would argue against this idea.”

During the final over of the IPL 2023 match between RCB and LSG, Harshal Patel attempted a non-striker’s end run-out on Ravi Bishnoi, who was far away from his crease. If Patel had followed the rules during his attempt, Bishnoi would have been declared out, and the match would have gone into the Super Over.

Previously, several former and current English and Australian cricketers had spoken out against the non-striker’s run-out rule, but Bhogle’s tweet appears to challenge their stance on the issue.

Stokes replied to Harsha: 6 penalty runs if non-striker takes unfair advantage

Ben Stokes, the captain of the English Test team, joined the conversation and shared his views on the non-striker’s run-out controversy. He suggested a rule change. He suggested that the batting team would receive a six-run penalty if the non-striker leaves the crease early. According to Stokes, this rule change would put an end to all the controversies and disputes. A lot of chatter arises due to what the rule is now. He further suggested that it should be left to the umpire’s discretion. And the umpire is to determine whether the non-striker is trying to gain an unfair advantage.

In response to Stokes’ suggestion, Bhogle expressed his willingness to have a chat about it with the English all-rounder. Additionally, he wished him a speedy recovery as he’s currently out of action due to an injury. Bhogle also invited him to a game in Chennai if he has some spare time.

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