Harshal Patel refrained from completing last over, due to two no balls

Harshal Patel

Harshal Patel was perfectly fit while he was bowling the final over against Chennai Super Kings. He was in his absolute normal rhythm. However, Harshal was not allowed to complete the last over against Chennai Super Kings. The umpires stopped Harshal from bowling in the midway after he bowled few balls. Some other bowler had to bowl the remaining balls. The incident took place during the Chennai vs Bengaluru match on Monday.

According to the rule of cricket, a ball bowed at the waist line or over it is a “no” ball. And, a bowler bowling two no balls in a single wpuld not be allowed to bowl further.

RCB’s interim captain Glenn Maxwell bowled the last few balls in place of Harshal Patel

Harshal bowled two balls in an over, that went over the waist line. Henceforth, the umpires requested Royal Challengers Bangalore’s interim captain Glenn Maxwell not to give the ball to Harshal. Maxwell thus, decided to bowl the remaining balls of the over himself.

Harshal came to bowl the last over in Chennai’s innings. The first ball was fine. He bowled the second ball higher than the waist. The umpire immediately called it a no ball. Bengaluru reviews were also taken but to no avail. The next ball was a leg bye. Harshal wided the third of the six ball.s His next ball is again above waist height. This time the umpire did not call a no ball at the beginning. But the third umpire gave it a no ball as Chennai’s Moeen Ali asked for a review. The on-field umpires then requested Harshal to be taken off, which Maxwell accepted.

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