Ian Chappell comes hard at the national selectors

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Former Australian great Ian Chappell has lashed out at the national selectors with regard to the selection policy. He feels that Australia should pick the playing 11 based on conditions and not on who gives them batting depth. 

Chappell opined that they should look at the conditions and the quality of the bowling attack rather than focusing on players who could ball as well as bat a bit. Ian Chappell further said that you should always pick your “best bowlers”. 

He said that there are too many selection theories nowadays and selectors get too carried away with selections.

Ian Chappell talks about the selection

“This bullshit about, ‘Oh, we’ve got to pick a right-arm and a left-arm spin bowler’ — it’s crap. You pick your best bowlers. This business of picking Agar because he can bat a bit — you don’t pick bowlers because they can bat a bit; you pick bowlers because they can take wickets. You don’t want to get too carried away with selections. I think there are too many theories on selection,” Chappell said.

“In my opinion, if you pick the best players — one of the reasons why they’re your best players are because they’re your smartest players. They work things out. So, if I’m Pat Cummins, I’m saying to the selectors, ‘Let’s pick our best team, and let me work out how we’re going to use that best team. You’ve got to pick the best of what’s left, but you’ve also got to have one eye on the conditions.”

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