ICC appoints Wasim Khan as General Manager of Cricket

Last week, ICC appointed Wasim Khan as the General Manager of Cricket.

Wasim Khan will be succeeding Geoff Allardice is all set to begin his new role next month.

He has previously served as CEO of the Pakistan Cricket Board for a three-year period.

But he decided to step down just four months before the end of his tenure.

Khan has also been the CEO of Leicestershire County Cricket Club and Chance to Shine as well.

In his interview, Wasim Khan expressed pleasure in joining the ICC as their General Manager.

He also hoped to strengthen the game of cricket along with his fellow member boards.

He also added that his main interest was to give encouragement and support women’s cricket throughout the world and he hopes to see a positive change in that direction in the next decade.

Even Geoff Allardice, the outgoing ICC General Manager welcomed Wasim Khan as his successor and said that he is delighted in welcoming him.

He mentioned that Khan has a vast experience behind him when it comes to the sport of cricket and that his in-depth knowledge will be beneficial for the ICC moving forward.

It will enhance the ICC’s global growth strategy for the upcoming new events cycle.

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