ICC dismisses rumors of Pakistan playing its games in Bangladesh


Recently, the ICC has dismissed rumors of Pakistan playing its matches of the ODI World Cup 2023 in Bangladesh.

Yesterday, it was stated that Pakistan will play all of its league games in Bangladesh and boycott India due to political tensions between the two countries.

On the other hand, India is going to host the 50-over World Cup across 12 venues starting from October 5.

However, the ICC has now refuted all such reports and stated that there has been no official talk between PCB and BCB on the issue.

Meanwhile, they have also stated that they don’t know whether informal talks have or have not taken place.

Says an ICC source,

No one knows if PCB chief Mr. Najam Sethi has had any informal discussions with his Bangladeshi counterpart Najmul Hasan Papon, but this can be said with a degree of certainty that no such discussions happened officially that Pakistan will play in Bangladesh.

ICC has given clear instructions to BCCI to provide visas on time

On the other hand, the ICC has also asked BCCI to give the participating nations their visas on time so as to avoid any delays.

Also, the ICC hasn’t given any consideration to Bangladesh as a co-host for the tournament.

The BCCI has categorically said that there will be no problems with the procurement of visas. One of the main points for a host country is that all participating nations will be given visas on time. From ICC’s part, Bangladesh is not even in its scheme of things as a co-host as of now.

Earlier, BCCI had refused to send its team to Pakistan to play in the 2023 Asia Cup. That’s why Pakistan had also decided to boycott India for the 50-over World Cup.

Moreover, the Asia Cup will be played in September just before the marquee event.

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