“India can’t play Bazball cricket,” Dinesh Karthik issues bold statement


Indian wicket-keeper, Dinesh Karthik made a bold statement in response to KL Rahul’s comment on playing aggressive cricket.

Dinesh Karthik staged an inspiring comeback at the age of 37. The veteran wicket-keeper continued to strive hard on the domestic circuit. The IP 2022 played a pivotal role in Karthik’s return to the national side. Ever since Dinesh Karthik has been impressive with the bat at the lower order. However, Dinesh faces stiff competition from his young peer, Rishabh Pant, but his experience gives him an upper hand.

After Day 1 of the first test match against Bangladesh, Dinesh Karthik spoke to Cricbuzz. He spoke about the current conditions in Chattogram. Dinesh Karthik also elaborated on KL Rahul’s recent comment about playing aggressive cricket moving on.

“Playing Bazball cricket is not a part of our DNA,” Dinesh Karthik

Dinesh Karthik made a strong statement in reaction to KL’s aggressive approach comment. He stated that India cannot emulate England’s Bazball approach because it is not in its DNA. Dinesh Karthik further said that KL Rahul actually meant that the team needed to produce results in as many games as possible.

“For me, as I said, it is very evident that these are kind of wickets that sometimes end up not producing a result. As the Test match carries on, the wear and tear makes it slow. If the quality of the batsmanship is not great, you will end up seeing batsmen make mistakes. If your temperament is strong, you won’t need a great technique to stay at the wicket,” 

“For starters, India cannot play the Bazball kind of cricket because right now, it’s not a part of our DNA to do something like that. For KL Rahul to come out and say that they will play aggressive cricket basically means that they want to make a match out of it and get a result, knowing that the WTC final is around the corner and these two games become critical. They want to press the accelerator and push the scoring rate. They couldn’t do it today because the wicket is slow, and you have to bring a different tempo altogether and that will require a few players who bat that way,”

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