Indore pitch rating upgraded from poor to below average by ICC

Indian National Team

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) appealed to the International Cricket Council (ICC) to revise the pitch rating for Indore from “poor” to “below average.” The ICC has now granted this appeal. So, the pitch rating is adjusted accordingly. The pitch in Indore was initially deemed “poor” by the ICC. But following the BCCI’s appeal, the rating has been revised to “below average.” This means that the pitch was still below the expected standard, but not as significantly poor as originally assessed.

In a statement, ICC said:

“Following an appeal by the Board of Control for Cricket in India pursuant to the ICC Pitch and Outfield Monitoring Process, the rating of pitch used for the third Test of the ICC World Test Championship series between India and Australia at the Holkar Cricket Stadium in Indore from 1-3 March has been changed from “poor” to “below average.”


The match held on the Indore pitch ended in less than five sessions, which raised concerns about the pitch’s quality. Following an appeal by the BCCI, an ICC appeal panel consisting of Wasim Khan, ICC General Manager – Cricket, and Roger Harper, ICC Men’s Cricket Committee Member, reviewed match footage. The ICC appeal panel assessed the footage and considered the BCCI’s appeal. They reviewed the pitch’s quality and condition during the match.

Match Refree, Chris Broad said:

“The pitch, which was very dry, did not provide a balance between bat and ball, favouring spinners from the start. The fifth ball of the match broke through the pitch surface. It continued to occasionally break the surface providing little or no seam movement. There was excessive and uneven bounce throughout the match.”

So, instead of 3 demerit points, the Indore pitch will recieve only 1 demerit point now.

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