International players ready to reject central contracts in favor of T20 Leagues

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In its latest report, FICA has stated that many cricketers are in favor of playing in T20 leagues.

Because of the T20 leagues, 49 percent of cricketers are now rejecting central contracts.

This report shows the changing dynamics of cricket in the current scenario. Many players are deciding on becoming freelancers and choosing to play in T20 leagues around the globe.

India does not come under the aegis of FICA nor the sample contains any Indian cricketers.

Nowadays, even the 50-over format is fast losing relevance because people and cricketers are more interested in T20 cricket.

Says the report,

54 percent still consider the 50 over World Cup as the pinnacle ICC event, although this has reduced significantly from 86 percent in the 2018/19 FICA survey.

The FICA has also divided cricketers into three categories in its latest report.

The three divisions are- Traditional market, Hybrid market, and Free Agency market.

Says the report,

The growing trend is for players to move towards hybrid or free agent status, with 82% of the top 100 players from the T20 Player Index now in this category. 40 percent of the top T20 players in the world now do not have a central contract with a top nine cricket country.

The report further adds,

Most of the best players in the world are now in the hybrid/free agency markets. The percentages plotted above only reflect central/nationally contracted players featuring within the top 100 of the T20 Player Index. Almost all of the 18 percent ‘traditional market’ players are from India, highlighting the restraints placed on these players preventing participation in overseas domestic leagues.

Some of the players with the most workload in cricket in 2021 are Mohammad Rizwan, Rishabh Pant, and Joe Root.

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