IPL sees massive 75% growth, touches $10.9 billion valuation

Indian Premier League

D and P advisory issued a valuation report stating that the Indian Premier League (IPL) touched a total valuation of $10.9 billion in 2022.

BCCI introduced IPL in the year 2008. Ever since, the league has been a massive hit not only in India but also internationally. With the addition of glamour and money, the IPL became the most prominent T20 league in the world. Moreover, BCCI invests a lot of money into the league and maintains its growth, and pushes it to reach new heights.

BCCI’s efforts appear to have paid off, as the IPL set a new valuation record. According to the latest report issued by D and P advisory, IPL has seen 75% valuation growth since 2020. IPL’s total valuation reached over $10.9 billion in 2022. With this, it receives the “decacorn” status. The “decacorn” status is given to businesses when it reaches a valuation of more than $10 billion.

Media rights auctions played a key factor in IPL’s growth

The D and P advisory report further stated that the marquee event that led to the enormous growth was the IPL media rights auction held this year. IPL sold its media rights for the 2023-2027 cycle at a cost of $6.2 billion. The current contract is three times bigger than that of the previous cycle.

Moreover, the inclusion of two additional teams also played a big role in the increased valuation. The two teams bought in at a cost of $1.6 billion. In the year 2020, the league was valued at $6.2 billion. However, even after the Covid pandemic, the IPL seems to be unfazed. All the revenue and profits it generated in these two years, resulted in doubling the valuation of the T20 league.

Furthermore, with the introduction of the Women’s IPL next year, the league is all set to make new profits and will continue breaching record breaking feats.

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