Irfan Pathan faces criticism from Pakistan fans after cryptic tweet


Former India cricketer, Irfan Pathan is being slammed by Pakistani fans after his cryptic tweet surrounding former Pakistan PM Imran Khan came to the fore.

However, Irfan has been known to use his Twitter handle to perfection every time and he is a master of writing cryptic tweets now and then.

Earlier also, Irfan hit back at Pakistan PM Shahbaz Sharif after the latter tweeted in the aftermath of India’s 10-wicket loss to England in the semi-finals of the T20 World Cup.

Recently, Pathan took a dig at the political scenario in Pakistan and wrote another cryptic tweet.

In the tweet, it is quite clear that Irfan is targeting the whole Pakistani political establishment and the quagmire it has created.

Tweets Irfan,

On Sunday our ex pm went out and came back Gracefully and safely. Padosiyo sunday esa Raha…

After this tweet, reactions and comments just went viral on Twitter where a number of Pakistani fans slammed Irfan for his tweet.

Irfan was also personally abused by some of these fans.

Shahbaz Sharif also took a dig in another tweet where he compared India’s last year’s T20 World Cup loss to Pakistan to the semi-final loss against England this year.

He tweeted,

So, this Sunday, it’s: 152/0 vs 170/0 #T20WorldCup.

Irfan took no time in slamming Sharif as he replied,

The is the difference between you and us. We are happy with ourselves, you look for happiness when others are in trouble. That is why you are not concentrating on your country’s well-being.

On the other hand, England and Pakistan featured once again as finalists as they did 30 years ago in the 50-over World Cup on Australian soil.

Pakistan failed to win the T20 World Cup a second time.

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