Ishant Sharma reveals management style of Ravi Shastri in an interview

Ishant Sharma

India pacer, Ishant Sharma has recently talked about the management style of former India head coach, Ravi Shastri.

He says that Shastri knew how to bring out the best in his players and he said both things good and bad for them.

Speaking on a show, Ishant says that Shastri’s words have had a lot of impact on him and his growth.

Says Ishant,

Ravi bhai has had a lot of impact in our growth. The biggest was that he would always have positive things to say, even if we endured a poor match. Another one of his strengths is that he knows how to bring the best out of a player.

In the show, Ishant further stated that sometimes Shastri said things that drove a player mad, made him angry and pinched him as well.

Like with me, he knows that if he has to make me give my 100 percent, I need to get angry. So he would say things that hurt you, pinch you. It drove you mad.

Ishant says Shastri knows how to deal with individual players

Furthermore, Ishant did not shy away from saying that Shastri knew how to deal with each player and he had different ways of doing that.

He sensed what each player needed to hear and work things accordingly to channel that emotion. That’s how he used to deal with an individual. However, after the match was over, he would get back to being a totally different person. He said things like, ‘Forget if you’ve had a bad match. Focus on the next game.’

Under the able coachmanship of Shastri, Ishant became the second Indian pacer to play 100 Test matches for India.

Only the legendary Kapil Dev has played more Tests than Ishant and was the only pacer previously with this record.

Ishant’s last Test for India was way back in November 2021 at home against New Zealand.

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