Jason Roy clears clouds regarding his absence while opening against CSK

Kolkata Knight Riders

Kolkata Knight Riders needed 236 runs to win at Eden on Sunday. While coming to chase that run, Sunil Narine came down to open. KKR’s such decision arose many questions. Why did KKR take the risk of dropping Narine despite having an opener like Jason Roy? Jason himself gave that answer before the match against Royal Challengers Bangalore.

After Chennai Super Kings scored 235, the pressure was on KKR. At such a time, everyone thought that Kolkata had a chance if Jason Roy opened. But to everyone’s surprise, Narine cane down to bat. Critics criticized KKR’s decision.

However Jason cleared all confusion. He said on Tuesday,

“I couldn’t field the whole time. So the time I was out while fielding, that time also had to be out while batting. There was no other reason. That’s why I couldn’t get down to open.”

Jason Roy said that the team is trying their best to win

Jason left the field in the middle of fielding due to injury. He came down to bat and scored 61 runs off 26 balls.

KKR are failing time and again in the power play. Jason said,

“We are all desperate to give our best. I am trying that as well. But many times what is wanted, does not happen.”

Jason admits that KKR didn’t get off to a good start. The English opener said,

“Our half of the contest was almost over. We are not in a very good place. But we are trying to give our best. Although we lost some matches, many of us played well. Everyone has to play well.”

This year India is hosting the One Day World Cup. Jason feels that the experience of IPL before that will be useful. He said,

“I like playing in India. Many fans came to the field to watch the game. Experience of playing in India before the World Cup will be useful. But now I am thinking about IPL.”

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