Javed Miandad unhappy with India’s decision on not playing in Pakistan

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Pakistan’s former skipper, Javed Miandad has heavily slammed ICC for not taking strict action against India and BCCI.

Recently, at the meeting of the Asian Cricket Council, there was a lot of discussion on whether to host the Asia Cup 2023 in Pakistan.

According to the latest reports, the tournament could be shifted to the UAE with Pakistan retaining the rights as host of the tournament.

This is because of India’s stance on not playing cricket in Pakistan that the tournament will see a shift in venue.

However, the final decision is going to come out in March.

After the final meeting, the ACC released a statement that reads as follows,

The ACC had a constructive dialogue on the upcoming Asia Cup 2023. The Board agreed to continue discussions on operations, timelines, and any other specifics with a view to ensuring the success of the tournament.

However, this statement has caused much pain to Pakistan and more so to Miandad who has lashed out at both ICC and BCCI for doing such a thing.

Miandad says India can go to hell if they don’t want to play in Pakistan

Furthermore, the former Pakistan skipper has stated that India can go to hell if they are not keen on playing matches in Pakistan.

Also, Miandad has criticized the ICC for not taking strict action against India and the BCCI for not traveling to Pakistan.

Because of the political tensions between the two countries, India has now stopped going to Pakistan and playing cricket there.

Says Miandad,

I have said this before as well, India can go to hell if they don’t want to come to Pakistan. It doesn’t bother us. It is the ICC’s job to ensure that India comes. If the ICC can’t control it, then what’s the use of being a governing body? The ICC should take strict action. Why is it there if they are not able to control these things? They have to put an end to things. ICC should take action against this kind of issue.

Furthermore, Miandad has also stated that the rules should be the same for all the teams and that BCCI does not run cricket.

Additionally, he has said that if India loses in Pakistan against Pakistan, then the public in India will not be able to tolerate this fact.

On the other hand, the BCCI has already stated that it would abide by the laws of the Indian government on traveling to Pakistan.

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