Jonny Bairstow says its going to be good fun ahead of World Cup

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Jonny Bairstow said that It is going to be good fun. I don’t think there’s too much worry about cohesion.

Jonny Bairstow ahead of World Cup

“We’ll rock up to Cardiff and see all the lads: it’ll be just like normal. It’s great to have a group that have got a wealth of experience coming back together.”. Jonny Bairstow said

“Naturally, there’ll be conversations around, ‘well, you’re not playing much 50-over cricket together’ and all this stuff. But the guys have been playing Test cricket or T20 cricket… to have the skillset to play both of those is a skillset that you’re able to take both parts of into 50-over cricket. It can throw different bits at you.”

Jonny Bairstow further said that

“It is going to be good fun. I don’t think there’s too much worry about cohesion, or people not having played together for two, six, 12, 18 months – whatever it may be. I don’t think that’s too much of a worry when the group has played together for seven or eight years. It’s one of those where you just fit back and you slot back into your roles.”

“It wasn’t just plain sailing: having to win four out of the last four games in order to win the competition. We’ll be able to call upon those experiences in the big moments in the big games during the World Cup.

“Everyone wants to go back-to-back. It’s something you dream of. But we’re under no illusion that in India, it’s going to be very tough. There are some quality teams around the world. There will be some exciting games, there will be some upsets; there’s going to be some interesting pitches, I’m sure, at times. There will be different conditions around the country and it’ll be the team that adapts the best that gets the best results.”. Jonny Bairstow concludes

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