Joshua Da Silva’s mother in complete awe of Virat Kohli

Sanjay Bangar

Recently, a video has gone viral on social media wherein it can be seen that Joshua Da Silva’s mother, Caroline is hugging India star, Virat Kohli.

Moreover, Caroline had a very adorable moment with Kohli as the Indian team was going towards their bus and was also in complete awe after meeting him.

Additionally, she also clicked a picture with him and appreciated Kohli for many of his qualities as well.

Furthermore, she has also given an interview where she stated that if her son gets a chance to play in the IPL, she will certainly go to India with him.

She knows that the cash-rich tournament is highly popular in India and West Indies and that many West Indian players are already participating in it as well.

Says Caroline,

It will be the insane dream moment for us. We will be in India to witness that moment if it ever comes to true. It is hugely popular here and with so many West Indians playing it will be fantastic for Joshua if he gets an opportunity.

Caroline says Virat Kohli is an ideal son and a family man

Meanwhile, Caroline has also spoken about Virat Kohli’s qualities of being a grounded person and being a family man.

Additionally, she has also stated that he is an ideal son and has all the qualities that a mother ever wants in her child.

She has also stated that even after achieving so much in life, Kohli is still a very humble person.

Moreover, she has also revealed how her son felt after he met up with Kohli.

Adding further, she says,

He has achieved so much and yet he has values that every mother seeks in their child. He is a family man and the ideal son.

Concluding, she says,

He is a very reserved person and hasn’t said much. But sport is about respect and he respects Virat Kohli a lot and that’s what he was saying to Virat when he suggested that he wanted Virat to get a 100.

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