Kapil Dev feels that Pandya must be backed irrespective of results

Hardik Pandya

Hardik Pandya is the front runner to lead the side in white ball format in the near future. Pandya will be leading the T20 side in the absence of Rohit Sharma during the T20 series against New Zealand. There is also a chance that the all rounder will be the T20 captain during the T20 World Cup in 2024 with the senior players focusing on longer formats. 

Former Indian World Cup winning all rounder Kapil Dev feels that the management should keep backing Pandya irrespective of some losses. He said that mistakes Pandya will make mistakes but the management should focus on the longterm results rather than the short term progress.  

Kapil Dev talks about Pandya

“I think one shouldn’t look at the world. You look at your team and your way of thinking. If Hardik Pandya is there, they should not say if you lose one series, we will remove you. If you make someone a captain, you have to give him a fairly long rope to make sure he will start performing. He will make mistakes but the key is that you don’t see the error but focus on whether he is ready for taking the team and look for the future. You don’t go series-by-series,” Kapil told Gulf News.

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