Kapil Dev feels the next generation of cricketers is always better

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Former India skipper and World Cup winner, Kapil Dev has recently stated something important in an interview.

According to him, the next generation of cricketers is always better than the previous one.

The thing that always comes to mind of the fans when asked about the transformation of Indian cricket, they always say the 1983 World Cup.

Also, while fans enjoy discussing Kapil Dev’s success at the 1983 World Cup, he usually doesn’t take it to his head and remains humble.

Additionally, he was asked why is India lacking a bowling all-rounder in recent times to which he said that one Kapil Dev cannot win the game.

He also said that it needs a whole group of players to win a game but they should be properly nurtured and taken care of.

Why do you want a Kapil Dev? With one Kapil Dev, you can’t win a World Cup. You need a team. But you will always find someone better than me.

Furthermore, he has also stated that with each passing generation in Indian cricket, a better player has come up.

Kapil says after Sachin, we have Virat Kohli who is better at everything

Meanwhile, Kapil gave a few examples to illustrate his point. He says that when Sir Don Bradman played and retired from the game, everyone asked whether will we get another player like him.

Similar was the case of Sunil Gavaskar who was a very fine and elegant player during his hey-days.

After Gavaskar came the legend Sachin Tendulkar who not only played like Gavaskar but also earned his title as well.

But, when Sachin retired from cricket, everyone once again started asking whether India will get another Sachin or not.

So, Kapil says that now we have Virat Kohli who has not only better records and scores, but he is physically also very fit.

We haven’t found another Don Bradman. You don’t look for that. You make a team. You see this young tennis player come out (Carlos Alcaraz), what a player. We thought after Sunil Gavaskar, nobody will come close to him. But Sachin did everything with so much ease. And after Sachin, we asked, will we get another? Virat Kohli is sitting there, better average, better score, better fitness. So, the next generation is always better. We have to invest and make sure we treat them properly.

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