Kapil Dev talks about injuries to Indian players in recent times

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India’s former skipper and World Cup winner, Kapil Dev has talked about injuries to Indian players in recent times.

He feels that Indian players are okay with playing the IPL even with minor injuries, but when it comes to national duties, they shirk away.

With the ODI World Cup only a few months away, Indian fans are expectantly awaiting the return of Bumrah, Shreyas Iyer, KL Rahul, and Rishabh Pant.

Kapil says that the IPL has negatively impacted the Indian players and didn’t hold back on his assessments.

Furthermore, he has also stated that while players are ready to play a crucial IPL game with injuries, they decline when it comes to national duty.

What happened to Bumrah? He started working with so much belief, but if he’s not there (in World Cup semi final/final)… we wasted time on him. Rishabh Pant… such a great cricketer. Had he been there, our Test cricket would’ve been better.

Adding further, he says,

God is kind, it’s not as if I never got injured. But today, they are playing 10 months in a year. Give a benefit of doubt to that, but everybody has to look after themselves. IPL is a great thing but IPL can spoil you also. Because a little bit of injuries and you will play in the IPL. A little bit of injuries, you won’t play for India. You would take a break. I’m being very open about it.

Kapil says that BCCI should start monitoring the number of games that players are playing

Meanwhile, Kapil has also stated that BCCI should be aware of how many games a player is playing throughout the year.

Furthermore, he is also of the opinion that BCCI should make a three-to-five-year calendar for the players.

Kapil has also said that he has noticed many players giving priority to IPL but not preferring to play games for India when the amount of injuries is the same.

If you have a small injury, you would play in IPL if it’s an important game. At this stage, cricket board has to understand how much cricket they should play. That is the bottomline. If today, you have resources, money, but you don’t have three or five-year calendars. There’s something wrong with cricket board there.

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