Kevin Pietersen wants an England vs Pakistan final; lauds Kohli for coming back in form


Former England batter, Kevin Pietersen has congratulated the English side for making it to the semifinals of the T20 World Cup.

He now wants England to perform better and win the cup for the national side once again.

Pietersen has also given his predictions on who will be contesting the finals of the T20 World Cup.

He feels that it will be a Pakistan vs England clash on the 13th of November.

Says Pietersen,

I think the world of cricket wants to see Pakistan take on India in the final, but there’s a very good chance it’s going to be England vs Pakistan.

England won their maiden T20 World Cup back in 2010 while India were the winners of the 2007 inaugural edition.

Adding more, Pietersen said,

At the Adelaide Oval, I think England beat India. With the quality running through the England side, I really do. But I just need Virat to have a day off.

England started their T20 World Cup campaign with a bang after they beat Afghanistan in their opening game but Ireland managed to upset England by giving them a shock defeat in the second match.

The match against Australia was abandoned due to rain and points were shared after which England beat New Zealand and Sri Lanka to qualify for the semis.

Pietersen gave his remarks on England’s T20 World Cup campaign and said,

Tournament cricket is about peaking at the right time. It’s about winning the right games, getting to the knockouts, and then winning the final.

The former England player has also lauded Virat Kohli for coming back to form for India at the right time.

Virat is back. It’s just so good to see the greatest current player back in the runs, not only from India’s perspective, but for the world of cricket.

Pietersen then also discussed how Kohli saw a dip in form due to a lack of crowds at stadiums.

But now that the crowds are in, Kohli has shown a resurgence in his form.

He didn’t have that for a few years, and he lost his way. But the crowds are in, it’s a T20 World Cup in Australia- one of the greatest places to play T20 cricket- and the King is back.

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