Khurram Manzoor says he is a better batter than Virat Kohli

Sanjay Bangar

Virat Kohli is one of the modern legends of cricket and has a massive fan following not only in India but even in Pakistan.

He has quite an elegant way of batting and times his shots to perfection that takes everyone’s breath away.

Additionally, Kohli is looking to break Sachin Tendulkar’s record of centuries. Currently, he has 74 international centuries and is just 26 tons away to break Sachin’s record of 100 international tons.

Moreover, Kohli gets compared now and then to various Pakistani batters such as Babar Azam.

All of the Pakistani experts and former cricketers are always in awe of Kohli.

However, another Pakistani batter has made a claim that he is a much better batter than Virat Kohli.

It is none other than Khurram Manzoor who has made this claim.

Manzoor says that he has better stats than Kohli

Recently on Nadir Ali’s YouTube channel, Khurram Manzoor has made this bold claim that he has better stats than Kohli.

He has also stated that he is the no.1 batter and that all other batters come second to him.

Also, Manzoor states that he has better records in List-A cricket than Virat Kohli.

Says Manzoor,

I am not comparing myself with Virat Kohli. Fact is, in 50-overs cricket, whoever is there in the top 10, I am the world no.1, after me stands Kohli. My conversion rate in List A cricket is better than him. He scores a century every six innings. I score a century in every 5.68 innings. And based on my average of 53, over the last 10 years, I am ranked fifth in the world in List A cricket.

However big his claims, the sad fact is that Manzoor is struggling to get a place in Pakistan’s squad in all formats.

Since making his debut in 2008, Manzoor has played 16 Tests, 7 ODIs, and 3 T20Is for his country.

Additionally, he last played for Pakistan in the T20I format way back in 2016 but is now not even in the scheme of things for Pakistan.

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