KKR managed 179 runs against GT, loosing 7 wickets at Eden

Rahmanullah Gurbaz - Afghanistan

It won’t be wrong to say that KKR had a unpleasant day at Eden Gardens against GT. The innings Kolkata played off the field, at the hotel started with loosing two valuable wickets. One of Jason Roy, the other one is Liton Das.

The English opener who played a cruicial inning last day for KKR, had to rest for an injury. Liton Das of Bangladesh too left for his country, due his family emergency.

Afghanistan’s Rahamanullah Gurbaz thus retained his place as the KKR opener.

With a rain interruption after the toss, the match started at aroun 4:15 p.m. Said, that not a single over won’t be lost.

Gurbaz however didn’t dissapointed the team. When the the wickets fell from the other side, Gurbaz stood strong at the other end building the base of KKR’s innings.

Shami got the inntial breakthrough for GT against KKR

Mohammad Shami got the first breakthrough for his team against KKR. He took Narayan Jagdeesan’s wicket early in the power play. Nevertheless, Jagdeesan hardly had any effect in the power play. Still, KKR had managed a respectable power play score with the likes of Gurbaz.

After Jagdeesan, Shardul had his early exit too. The KKR management tried to have an experiment by sending Shardul at one down, but all in vain. Mohammad Shami bowls his full delivery at the middle. Shardul tried to loft it over mid on but witht he bottom of his bat. As a result, the ball went high in the air behind mid on where Mohit Sharma ran backward to get hold of the catch.

Shardul was shortly followed by Venkatesh Iyer as well. Joshua Little from GT served a full and in line with the stumps and Venkatesh Iyer shuffled across to scoop ot bu missed ot completely. The ball thus hit his pads right in front of the stumps. There was a huge appeal for LBW and up went the finger. However, Gurbaz again advised Venkatesh to go for a review, but failed.

An Afghan show with Gurbaz’s disappointing departure

The match saw an entirely Afghan show in the middle as Gurbaz departed. Noor Ahmad tried to toss the ball one up full and on leg stump but ends upp bowling a full toss. Rahmanullah Gurbaz shuffles in his crease. He became a bit off- balance as he tried to slog it over the mid wicket fence. The ball went off the toe end of the bat and towards the deep mid wicket. Rashid Khan there comes racing in and slides in to take a brilliant catch low to his right. Gurbaz (81 off 39) was the one who held one side of the wicket for KKR, while the other side was falling off. Nonetheless, KKR’s fortune almost shattered with his departure.

With Gurbaz’s departure, Rinku Singh entered the field to uplift the doomed KKR fans. In the previous face off at Ahmedabad, Rinku lit up the tensed crowd by smashing 48 not out off 21 balls. He won the match for KKR against GT. But todays, the match went unlikely. Rinku got hold to Noor’s flight outside the off stump. Rinku reaches out and tries to get under it. He does went under it but ends up slicing it high and toward wide long off. Little there, moved to his right and took it around his head before almost going over the ropes. He lobbed the ball back in air and settled himself to complete the catch.

Shami puts a full stop to dre Russ’s cameo

Andre Russell depite of having a despicable IPL session for KKR, almost saved his image at least by smashing a rampant 34 off 19 balls. But whether it will save KKR’s face is still in question. However, dre Russ while aiming to increase the score got out to Shami’s ball. Shami bowled a full and delivery. Russ stayed deep into his crease, and reached out to looking yo go over the crease fence. Russell went hard at it. But he ended up slicing it aerially toward the deep cover. Rahul Tewatia there moved to his right and took it, just inside the rope.

Shami ended the innings with a wicket, and wrapped KKR withing just 179 runs on the board.

KKR bowlers will try their best to stop GT from achieving 180 runs.

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