KL Rahul talks about the mental trauma after getting trolled by fans


India and Lucknow Super Giants’ opener, KL Rahul in a recent chat show has explained how he gets mentally affected by trolling.

Recently, Rahul has been in a poor run of form wherein he failed terribly in the T20 World Cup in Australia.

Afterward, he was dropped from the Test team after failing in the first two Tests of the BGT and he was also removed from vice-captaincy.

Additionally, he has now suffered a massive injury in the ongoing IPL on the 1st of May.

The backlash and trolling are the results of KL Rahul’s poor strike rate and lack of runs.

Meanwhile, former India player, Venkatesh Prasad has also criticized Rahul very harshly as well. But, Rahul says that all this abuse and trolling is badly affecting his mental state and of those around him.

That’s something that sometimes affects me and affects a lot of the other boys as well that when we athletes truly need support, people feel they can or have the power to comment or say what they want. Just see what that person is going through. None of us wants to perform badly. This is our life. This is all we do. Like I said, I don’t know anything else apart from cricket.

No certain timeframe for KL Rahul’s return to professional cricket

Now with Rahul being ruled out of the World Test Championship final against Australia, the timeframe for Rahul’s return is uncertain.

However, everyone is hoping that he recovers on time for the upcoming ICC ODI World Cup which is now only 5 months away.

Adds Rahul in the chat,

That’s the only thing I do. Why would anyone assume that I am not serious about my game or that I am not working hard enough? And unfortunately in sports, there is no connection. Like I said you can work hard, like I work hard but the result didn’t go my way.

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