Kochi to host IPL mini-auction on December 23

Indian Premier League

Kochi is going to host the IPL mini-auction next month as reported by news websites and BCCI sources.

This is the first time that the coastal city is getting a chance to host the event and the BCCI also found it convenient.

An official announcement about the same will also be made by the Indian board and it is going to be a one-day affair this time.

Some of the other contenders for the mini-auction were Istanbul, Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad.

According to a BCCI official,

Logistically, and considering the dates, Kochi turned out to be the most suited option

Earlier this year, the IPL Mega Auctions were held during which all 10 franchises had to build completely new squads.

All franchises have to submit their list of retained players to the BCCI by the 15th of November.

Additionally, the franchises can retain up to 15 players and leave out the remaining 10 players.

Moreover, the team size can be a maximum of 25 and a minimum of 18 players in each squad.

Also, the BCCI will be giving an additional INR 5 crores to all franchises as well.

All of the franchises have some money remaining from the IPL Mega Auction this year.

For example, Punjab Kings have the highest amount of money left from the Mega Auction which is INR 3.45 crores.

Other franchises too have some amount left but Lucknow Super Giants had spent all of their money on purchasing players during the Mega Auction.

Moreover, BCCI is also going to increase the salary cap from the next season from INR 90 crores to INR 95 crores.

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