Kohli sports new earbuds; fans grow curious over brand and model

Sanjay Bangar

India’s modern-day great, Virat Kohli was spotted wearing a different brand of earbuds after the 2nd Test against the West Indies.

Moreover, these were not his usual Apple AirPods but something very new and quite interesting for fans.

Additionally, during his 500th Test, Kohli ramped up a ton in the game which was appreciated by one and all.

Meanwhile, this Test series has been a great one for Virat Kohli as he has finally ended his century drought.

Meanwhile, Kohli also got the opportunity to meet Joshua Da Silva’s mom after the game.

Both of them enjoyed some conversations as well.

Kohli’s usual choice is Apple products but he chose a new alternative

Usually, Kohli also prefers Apple products just like today’s celebrities but this time he decided to use something new.

Meanwhile, the stylish earbuds that he was wearing caught the attention of all his fans who started searching for them.

These earbuds are named Beats Powerbeats Pro TW earbuds but these are still not available in India.

Moreover, these earbuds are priced at $249.95 and have the features of adjustable and secure-fit ear hooks that don’t cause any pain to the ears.

Also, these are durable in design and also have IPX4-rated water and sweat resistance.

This feature allows the wearer to perform multiple activities without any hassle.

These earbuds are also the perfect companion for anyone during their workout sessions as they don’t tend to slip off the ears.

That’s why Kohli decided to get himself a pair of these in the West Indies.

Additionally, Kohli has a large fan base and is very popular on Twitter and Instagram as well. This makes him a well-loved cricketer and a celebrity for everyone.

He is also a very popular figure among people of all age groups as well.

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