Kohli writes letter to BCCI, complains about Gambhir controversy


Virat Kohli sent a letter to the Indian Cricket Board. Gautam Gambhir had an altercation with the former Indian captain during the Lucknow Super Giants vs Royal Challengers match in the IPL. Virat wrote to the board in that regard.

In that letter, Virat Kohli stated that he was not happy with the board deducting 100 percent of his match fee. Virat also said that he did not say anything to Gambhir for which he was punished so much.

RCB and LSG played in Lucknow on May 1. These two teams also played in Bangalore. At Bengaluru, Gambhir put his finger on his lips and told the audience to be quiet. Gambhir started celebrating aggressively after the win, which was quite noticeable. Virat Kohli also started giving those back when he came to play in Lucknow. Many RCB fans came to Lucknow. They were supporting Kohli. Kohli encouraged them to cheer louder. He pointed his finger in the field and asked someone to shut up. At sometime he threw a kiss towards his wife Anushka Sharma.

At the end of the match, the excitement increased. Lucknow’s Kyle Myers was talking to Kohli. At that time the Lucknow team mentor Gambhir came and took Myers away. Things started to heat up from there. Gambhir came back even as he left. Lokesh Rahul tried to stop him. But Gambhir moved forward in a fierce manner by removing him. Kohli also came forward from the opposite direction. He also continued to speak aggressively as well. Realizing that the situation was getting out of hand, the rest of the cricketers from both the teams took them away.

Seeing the situation getting heated, the rest of the cricketers and support staff of the two teams went there. Both Kohli and Gambhir are from Delhi. Lucknow spinner Amit Mishra and assistant coach Vijay Dahiya also played for Delhi. That’s why they know Kohli, Gambhir well. They we’re more zealous and separated the two of them. Lucknow captain Lokesh Rahul was also there. Kohli was taken away by RCB captain Faf du Plessis.

Kohli writing a letter to BCCI mentioning his deeds on field as nominal

But it didn’t stop there. Kohli’s eyes showed that he did not take Gambhir’s words lightly. He stood at the edge of the boundary and talked to Rahul for a long time. Lucknow owner Sanjeev Goenka arrived there just then. However, Kohli shook hands with him.

What happened to Virat and Gambhir? It was also leaked. An eyewitness said what Kohli and Gambhir talked about during the trouble that day. Gambhir first said to Kohli, “What are you talking about?” Kohli replied, “I didn’t tell you anything.” Why are you just getting into this?” Gambhir then said, “You have abused one of my players. That means, you have abused my family.”
Kohli replied, “why don’t you take care of your family then!” After hearing that Gambhir said again, “So now you will teach me?”

In this incident, IPL authorities fined Kohli his entire match fee. Gambhir also has to get the same punishment.

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