Kuldeep Yadav’s coach not happy with team dropping his ward

Kuldeep Yadav

Recently, India won a famous 2-0 Test victory against Bangladesh and were close to losing the second one to the hosts.

Their star on this tour was Kuldeep Yadav who was excellent with both bat and ball in the first Test at Chattogram.

However, before the second Test, India decided to drop Kuldeep and include Jaydev Unadkat in the squad as an extra pacer.

India has received a lot of criticism during the second Test when they dropped Kuldeep from the squad.

Although Undakat got three wickets and India won the match in the end by three wickets, former cricketers and fans were not happy.

Now, Kuldeep Yadav’s childhood coach, Kapil Pandey has also questioned this move by India towards Kuldeep.

He is unable to understand the team’s logic behind dropping Kuldeep from the squad when he was their match-winner in the first Test.

Says Pandey,

We all want Team India to win and that’s the ultimate goal. I completely understand that the captain and coach try and make a combination to help the team win. But then it is not right to keep one of your match-winners on the bench. How long will this continue? No Indian would want the Indian team to lose. But at the same time, a player who has done well in the little chances that he received deserves a longer rope.

Kuldeep’s coach happy with his ward’s maturity

However, Pandey has expressed happiness over his ward’s increasing maturity that Kuldeep has developed over the years.

He says that Kuldeep took the drop in a positive manner and didn’t fret over the situation one bit.

Says Pandey,

Kuldeep has become a lot more patient with time. Initially, I used to worry a lot about this kid when he didn’t used to get the deserved chances. He has two ODI hattricks, one hattrick for India A and also one more in the U19 World Cup. Despite being the Man of the Match, when he was dropped in the second Test, I didn’t know how to console him because I myself was in tears. But the way he told me to stay patient and keep faith that things will work out eventually, shows how matured he has become.

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