Matthew Hayden predicts grand finale for MS Dhoni in IPL

MS Dhoni

Matthew Hayden, a former Australian cricketer and Chennai Super Kings player, has shared his thoughts about MS Dhoni’s probable last season in the IPL. With reports of Dhoni’s retirement from IPL in circulation, fans and experts hope to see the franchise give him a memorable send-off. Hayden, who played under Dhoni’s leadership in his early IPL years, believes that the CSK skipper would like to bid adieu on a high note, with a massive crowd in Chennai. Moreover, he stated that the upcoming IPL season would celebrate Dhoni’s legacy extravagantly.


Hayden praised MS Dhoni for his leadership skills and credited him for transforming the team into a formidable side.

“See CSK, they notoriously find a way to do things unique and special. Take their hiatus out of their IPL, it was unfortunate the two years they weren’t playing. And they came back the year after that to win the IPL, it was most unexpected. And they have a way!,”

Hayden said on Star Sports.

“MS Dhoni has a way of revitalising, revamping, making it just a completely different look and feel to the side, even though it’s had this great tag of having complete trust in few players and having retained most of their players. So for MS Dhoni, I think this year in particular, it’s going to be a year celebrated like no other. It’s the finish I believe of the legacy of MS Dhoni and he will want to go out in style with his fans, who’d want him to go out in style as well,”

Hayden further added.

Since the start of the IPL in 2008, MS Dhoni has been the only captain of the Chennai Super Kings. Until they briefly changed it to Ravindra Jadeja in 2022. Over his 15-year career in the IPL, he has led his team to four championship titles. However, due to poor performance, CSK had to make a change in captaincy, but they quickly reverted to Dhoni after Jadeja’s brief stint.

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