MCC brings forth certain changes to cricket in the latest laws

Photo Credits: ICC Twitter

The Marylebone Cricket Club or MCC has revised the playing conditions in cricket recently.

Now, players can no longer use the Mankading method to dismiss a player during a match nor use saliva on the ball to change its condition.

MCC has been de-stigmatizing the Mankad method in previous law revisions as well.

But, now it is up to the ICC and all member boards to accept, reject or amend the law as per their convenience.

The laws of the MCC have never faced any opposition from the ICC or member boards and have been adapted with immediate effect.

The new code was first published in 2017, underwent a revision in 2019 and now have again been amended in 2022.

All these amendments will ensure that cricket remains a safe and hygienic sport in the future.

Saliva use to shine the ball has been a very common practice for decades.

Players usually eat sweet stuff and then rub the sweetened saliva on the ball which sometimes alters the condition of the ball.

Sweat is also another method to shine the ball so as to provide swing to the bowlers. Thus, MCC has allowed the use of sweat but has banned the use of saliva.

Many other changes were done to the Code apart from these two such as replacement players, batters returning when caught, dead ball, bowler throwing towards striker’s end before delivery, judging a wide, striker’s right to play the ball and unfair movement by the fielding side.

All of these rules will be applicable by the 1st of October 2022.

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