MCC comes forward to clear the air on non-striker run-out


The law keeper of cricket, the Marylebone Cricket Club has decided to clear the air once and for all on the non-striker run-out.

This decision comes after Adam Zampa’s run-out of Tom Rogers during a Big Bash League game.

Now the ICC and MCC have decided to amend the law and write out the law clearly for players and umpires to understand the system clearly.

Zampa was in complete shock at the reversal of the decision.

Even India’s Ravichandran Ashwin has talked at length about Mankad out.

Many teams have refrained from using this dismissal method and instead wish to warn the non-striker when he is out of his crease.

MCC wants everyone to understand the Mankad rule

On the other hand, the MCC has come in support of the third umpire.

Now, they have also given clearance for this cricketing rule so that everyone from players to umpires get a clear understanding of this rule.

A latest amendment by the MCC says,

Even if the non-striker had left his/her ground before the instant at which the bowler would normally have been expected to release the ball, once the bowler has reached that point, it is no longer possible for the bowler to run out the non striker under this law.

The rule further reads,

However, we acknowledge that while this Law has generally been understood well by players and umpires, there is ambiguity in the wording which could lead to confusion.

Meanwhile, the MCC has also cleared that the new amendment will not affect the law in any manner and the main thing here is to make things crystal clear for everyone involved with the sport.

It is important to note that this does not change the way the Law should be interpreted- it has been interpreted that way for the past six years, without much misunderstanding. However, the intention is that this will make things clearer.

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