MCC launches their new Code Book for 2022

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Marylebone Cricket Club have recently updated their Code Book for this year. There are several big changes inside this book this time.

Firstly written in 2017, this codebook has had only minor changes done to it in 2019.

This codebook has had a very positive impact on the sport of cricket.

With the new changes in place, the MCC hopes to improve the game of cricket even more.

The first of these is the replacement player rule which states that the replaced player should be treated in the same way as the previous player.

The new player will also inherit all the sanctions and dismissals of the previous player.

In the second rule, there will be a change of batsmen when a catch is taken.

When this scenario happens, the new batsman will be on strike while the other one will be at the non-striker’s end.

The third law refers to dead ball. A delivery is to be signalled a dead ball when the game is interrupted.

Then there’s another rule in which it is written how to judge a wide. With batsmen moving laterally around the pitch, it becomes difficult for the umpires to give the delivery a wide or not.

The no saliva rule has now been given permanent status in the codebook this year.

No fielders will be allowed to use saliva on the ball at any stage during the match.

After the covid-19 pandemic, the use of saliva has already been reduced by all teams and that’s why they are using sweat instead.

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