Michael Clarke wants Steve Smith to open the batting for Australia at T20 World Cup

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All the teams are now working hard for the upcoming ICC T20 World Cup.

With India already been blown by twin injuries to Ravindra Jadeja and Jasprit Bumrah, Pakistan too are worried about Shaheen Afridi’s recovery.

On the other hand, the hosts, Australia have not even considered 33-year-old Steve Smith for the World Cup.

Former Australia player and skipper, Michael Clarke is very upset about the board’s decision and has slammed them really hard.

Australia will be without the services of Cameron Green who recently performed very well against India.

Said Clarke,

Like, they took Steve Smith to Western Australia. Flew him to Perth to make him 12th man- that’s not right.

Clarke is seriously angry with the way the management has been treating Smith of late.

Adding further, Clarke said,

And don’t tell me Steve Smith has to bat at No.3 or No.4. If he opens the batting, he will be the leading run-scorer in the T20 World Cup. He’s still that good a player.

Clarke also commented that if Australia sticks to Smith at number 4, they need to find another player who can bail Australia out from tough situations.

The number four position is unknown… who’s batting at four.

Further adding, he said,

If it’s Smitty (Smith), you’ve got to give him some cricket. As good as he is, I’d rather him walk out in the first game in the World Cup with some form, with some runs under his belt.

Clarke has also said that the management is rather unsure at the moment of who to position at No.4.

I think that’s the position that they’re unsure of at the moment and that’s really going to come down to the style.

This is why Clarke wants to have someone like Steve Smith who can help Australia from falling apart.

My reason always for (including) someone like a Steve Smith in your team is because not all conditions are the same, if we lose two for not many, you’ve got one of the world’s best batsmen coming in.

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