Milind Rege unhappy with Sarfaraz Khan’s immaturity

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Former Mumbai skipper and now selector, Milind Rege has expressed his deep disappointment over batter Sarfaraz Khan.

The young Mumbai batter has been hitting ton after ton in the Ranji Trophy but has shown some immaturity recently.

According to some reports, Sarfaraz spoke some ridiculous comments about his not getting a spot in India’s Test squad.

Now, Rege says that Sarfaraz should focus on his batting, and if there’s a place available in the Test squad, he will get it for sure.

Says Rege,

Keep performing but making ridiculous comments won’t help matters. Sarfaraz should refrain from making comments against his [India] selection. His job is to score runs. He has to concentrate on his batting.

In the ongoing Ranji Trophy, Sarfaraz has been breaking quite a few records as well and grabbing the eyeballs of everyone.

But his disappointment in getting a snub from the BCCI has sparked major controversies.

Rege slams Sarfaraz for reaching out to his father for coaching

On the other hand, Sarfaraz has gone one step further as he contacted his father in Delhi to coach him.

With the presence of Amol Mazumdar as head coach of the squad, this is very immature behavior.

Rege is not happy with this behavior from Sarfaraz and says that the young batter should take some lessons from Mazumdar.

Despite playing so well during his prime years, Amol Mazumdar never got a selection into the Test squad of India.

That’s why Rege wants that Sarfaraz should keep focusing on his batting and when the opportune time comes, he will surely be picked by the Indian team.

Sarfaraz has been in tremendous form, there is no question about it. But there has to be a place in the [Indian Test team] batting line-up. His form is incomparable and unbelievable. Wherever there is an opportunity I think he will get his chance. But right now, where is the place?

Additionally, Rege is also perturbed by Sarfaraz reaching out to his father for coaching lessons.

When Amol is your Mumbai coach, why did he need his father [Naushad Khan] to coach him. I read a quote in a Marathi newspaper that he had called his father to coach him [in Delhi]. When a man like Amol, who scored more than 11,000 First Class runs is a Mumbai coach, Sarfaraz should look at Amol’s plight and carry on with the game. Amol scored plenty of runs, but he was never selected because there was no place in the national side.

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