Mohammad Kaif lauds Siraj for his consistent performances


Mohammad Siraj has been an invaluable addition to the ODI squad. He has been picking wickets in the powerplay and has been giving India an ideal start with the ball. Siraj has resolved India’s issue of the inability to get wickets in the powerplay. 

Former Indian Cricketer Mohammad Kaif has highly praised Siraj for his consistency and skill. He said that Rohit has finally got a bowler who could put his hand up and deliver under pressure. 

He has huge courage: Kaif

“He has huge courage because the pressure under which he came to bowl, it was an extremely important moment when he picked up two wickets in an over. Rohit Sharma was searching for someone who could put his hand up, that Bumrah is not there, but he didn’t get any bowler in the death overs.”

“It was an old and slightly wet ball. Forget about skill, you need courage here where nothing was happening with the ball, Bracewell and Santner were hitting one six after another and it was a pressure situation.”

Kaif talks about Siraj’s ability to adapt

Mohammad Kaif talked about how Siraj quickly turned to bowl short balls as swing was not available. 

“You might be in great form but when you run with the ball, there are doubts whether you should bowl yorkers or slower balls. There he bowled a bouncer and trapped Santner. He picked up three big wickets with bouncers.”

He tried to bowl full first to check the swing but the swing was not available. Then he came to the short ball. He didn’t bowl short balls in the entire series against Sri Lanka but here his plan was to bowl bouncers as the ball was not swinging.

“He dismissed Conway with a bouncer, then got Latham out and then Santner who was set. After that, two wickets in an over. It shows Mohammed Siraj has the ability to change the game in an over.”

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