Mohammed Shami to pay INR 1.3 lakhs as alimony to ex-wife

Mohammed Shami - Virat Kohli

The High Court of Kolkata has recently ruled that India pacer Mohammed Shami has to pay INR 1.3 lakhs.

This amount is the fixed alimony that Shami will be paying to his ex-wife Hasin Jahan every month.

Moreover, a sum of 50,000 would be made to Shami’s ex-wife for her personal use while the remaining 80,000 would be used for the upbringing of their daughter.

Hasin Jahan has been living separately from Shami since 2018 when she filed a lawsuit in court seeking INR 10 lakhs from Shami.

In this scenario, 7,00,000 would have been for her personal use while the remaining 3,00,000 would be used for the upkeep of their daughter.

Jahan’s attorney, Mriganka Mistry had already explained to the court that this amount of money is justifiable.

When we look at Shami’s annual income for the year 2020-21, it was over INR 7 crores.

Meanwhile, Shami’s attorney, Selim Rahman argued that asking for such a hefty sum is unreasonable.

This is because Jahan herself is a fashion model and can pay her expenses quite easily.

After hearing both arguments, the High Court has finally decided that Shami has to pay INR 1.3 lakhs as alimony.

Hasan Jahan has gratefully accepted the court’s ruling on the case.

However, she has stated that a higher amount of money would have given her greater satisfaction.

However, Shami has chosen not to respond to anything.

Shami’s ex-wife takes a dig at Shami through a cryptic post

Meanwhile, Hasan Jahan did not refrain from taking a dig at Mohammed Shami.

When India beat Pakistan at the Asia Cup 2022, she slyly wrote a caption after posting a picture of Hardik Pandya on her Instagram.

The lines written in the post were indirectly aimed at Shami who was not even in the tournament at that time.

Reads the post,

Congratulations. A memorable victory. Thanks to our Tigers for helping the country win. This had to happen; the country’s reputation and honour are protected by honest patriots rather than criminals and womanisers.

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