Moody predicts significant changes for CSK following Dhoni’s retirement

MS Dhoni

According to Tom Moody, the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) will experience significant changes following the retirement of MS Dhoni. As the 2023 IPL season nears its conclusion and the playoffs are set to begin on May 23. CSK, having reached their 12th playoff, will face the Gujarat Titans in the first qualifier. Moody believes that while Dhoni will still be involved with CSK in a different capacity, the dynamics of leadership on the field will undoubtedly undergo a transformation. In his expert opinion, the role of captaincy plays a pivotal role in guiding teams to the playoffs in the IPL.

“It will change dramatically on the field, for sure. He will still have a presence because I’m sure he will still be there in some mentor role or coaching role. The impact of leadership is significant in the IPL. We have seen historically that the very well-led teams are more often than not in the top four,”

Moody said.

According to Tom Moody, CSK, being an established franchise with a strong team culture, is unlikely to make drastic changes. Moody cited an example from the previous IPL when Ravindra Jadeja was made captain and the team didn’t perform as expected. Highlighting the importance of maintaining stability in leadership.

It is easier for someone like Ajinkya Rahane and Piyush Chawla to succeed in CSK or MI: Tom Moody

In addition, Moody mentioned that players such as Rahane and Chawla thrive in teams like CSK and Mumbai. Because they feel a sense of trust and backing. Chawla has had a successful IPL season, claiming 20 wickets in 14 innings at an economy rate of 7.81. While Rahane has scored 282 runs in nine innings with a strike rate of 169.88.

“It is easier for someone like Piyush Chawla or Ajinkya Rahane to succeed in a franchise like MI or CSK because they feel like their skill is backed and they are trusted and given the opportunity to fail. Everyone fails, and it’s the case of making sure that person still feels that they belong. And they are trusted in what they are doing,”

Moody further added.

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