Mumbai Indians becomes first franchise to invest in NFTs

Mumbai Indians

At the start of the new year, IPL franchise Mumbai Indians has decided to do something innovative.

Also,they are now going to become the first IPL franchise who will be investing in NFTs and have opened the application process.

Additionally,all the interested parties have to submit their applications by the 17th of January 2023.

Indiawin Sports Private Limited overlooks the work of the Mumbai-based franchise and is leading this initiative.

Moreover, the interested parties have to submit a non-refundable fee of INR one lakh to ISPL.

Through this initiative, the franchise wants to expand its reach worldwide.

Not to forget, Mumbai Indians is already a very successful franchise worldwide, thanks to Reliance Industries.

During IPL 2021, Mumbai Indians’ brand value was number one according to the brand value rankings of that year.

That’s why ISPL is working towards the development and monetization of the digital intellectual properties of the Mumbai Indians.

Moreover, after 17th January, the ISPL will take a look over all the applications.

Statement of ISPL on RFP documents to applicants

Reads the statement on the website,

ISPL invites proposals from Global and Indian entities to create and launch the NFTs based on its existing IPs and leverage Mumbai Indians’ global brand value.

Adding further, the statement says,

The procedure to procure the RFP documents is enlisted in Annexure A to this notice. The RFP will be available for purchase till 17th January 2023.

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