Nasser Hussain spots out India and Pakistan’s weak spot before the T20 World Cup

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While India and Pakistan are fervently preparing for the T20 World Cup, former England player Nasser Hussain has found a common weakness between both sides.

According to Hussain, both sides require the services of a solid No.7 player in their playing XI which neither has at the moment.

India have a lack of all-rounders as well as Pakistan because of which both teams do not have much depth in their batting lineup.

Says Hussain,

At the start of the T20 cricket, everyone talked about how there is no need to worry about No.7, they’ll probably get like seven balls to face, so might as well play the extra bowler.

Adding further, he said,

But actually, if you have a solid No.7, then it means that your top six can absolutely go for it. That has been an issue for India, they don’t have enough all-rounders and Pakistan as well. Babar and Rizwan are so worried about the depth of their batting, so 20 overs becomes a very long time.

Hussain also believes that when it comes to ICC events, India has played very “timid” cricket and now needs to come out of their shell.

India’s issues have been ICC events really. They have been going around beating everyone, with a variety of players, they have rotated and rested. But the truth is that they have played some timid cricket in world events, like almost gone into their shell. They definitely played some fearful cricket in the last World Cup, especially in Powerplays.

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