Nat Sciver-Brunt really happy to be playing in Women’s Premier League

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England’s Nat Sciver-Brunt is currently playing in the inaugural edition of the Women’s Premier League in India.

She is part of the Mumbai Indians Women’s team and has already led them to two successes as well.

Sold for a hefty 320,000 million pounds in the WPL Mega Auction last month, Sciver-Brunt is now the joint-highest player to have a price tag this high in the India-based tournament.

Yesterday, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, Sciver-Brunt revealed that this tournament is ‘the beginning of a new leap forward for women’s cricket.’

Furthermore, she was asked if this tournament feels like a game-changer in women’s sports, she said,

It does. Just the sheer scale of it all. Everything is really heightened.

Adding further, she said,

Going into it, I didn’t really know exactly what to expect. I obviously watched the men’s IPL [Indian Premier League] for quite a long time and it all just seemed so big.

Says Sciver-Brunt further,

Being out here is a bit mad and has been a bit chaotic, but it has been really brilliant so far.

Ending the comment, she says,

Being involved in the first game added another level of nerves. The whole spectacle of the day, the expectations of everyone in our team, on the other team, in the crowd and everyone watching around the world almost, I could feel that it was big and exciting.

Sciver-Brunt is a big fan of former England football skipper David Beckham

Meanwhile, the England women’s cricketer also revealed her fan moment when she got to meet David Beckham.

She says that Beckham has been her ‘sporting hero’ when she was little.

The England men’s football team came to play in Poland and everyone in my school- the British school in Warsaw- had to write a letter as to why they should be a mascot. Clearly I was very persuasive because I got selected.

Adding further, she says,

In the England women’s side, we’ve always taken pride in being a role model for someone, for anyone. To reach even just one person was enough for us.

Sciver-Brunt wants England Women to win the Ashes and also wants to give her contributions to The Hundred

Ahead of them, the England Women’s Team have a long summer where they will be going to play against Australia Women in the Ashes.

Furthermore, they have The Hundred which is going to start in August as well.

Nat Sciver-Brunt is a great follower of football and she hopes the women’s cricket team of England can inspire the nation much like the Lionesses Euros win last year.

It’s a really exciting and fun time to be playing for England.

Adding further, she says,

We’ve always been able to play the shots we wanted to. But now our coaches have allowed us to do it without fear.

Concluding the interview, she said,

Chances for the country to really get behind a team, whatever sport it is, that’s only going to benefit everyone really- and provide more inspiring role models for younger generations.

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