Pakistani national jokingly asks Indian family to give Virat Kohli in return for T20 World Cup


An India-Pakistan cricket match is one of high tension, pressure, stress, and a whole lot of emotions for both sides.

This match-up is what binds the people of both nations and the topic definitely comes up when two individuals meet on either side.

Recently, a similar incident happened in which a Pakistani national named Tahir Khan extended his hospitality to an Indian family.

The family had come from Hyderabad to Islamabad for their daughter’s international tennis competition.

A close friend of Tahir Khan shared this video clip on Twitter with the caption,

I want my Indian friends and followers to watch this video. An Indian family who’re visiting Pakistan for their daughter’s tennis match in Islamabad. They met a good friend of mine Tahir Khan and asked for a lift. They’ve shared their experience in the video. This is Pakistan in real.

Tahir Khan not only gave the family a lift but insisted they have lunch at his office.

Khan served some delicious Hyderabadi biryani to the family and the latter were quite surprised by their host’s hospitable nature.

Khan also joked around with the family on the topic of cricket and said,

Give us Virat Kohli, you may take the trophy.

Both India and Pakistan are currently participating in the T20 World Cup where Pakistan have qualified for the finals.

India are going to take on England in the second semifinal today at Adelaide Oval.

If India wins, then an India-Pakistan clash is surely on the cards for the fans.

Virat Kohli is winning hearts in the tournament with his return to form and some explosive batting on display.

In addition to the first clip, there was another video clip in which the girl stated that she was not expecting such warm hospitality in Pakistan.

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