Pant gets pulled out of the car by a bus driver after accident

Rishabh Pant

Yesterday, India wicketkeeper-batter, Rishabh Pant suffered major injuries after he hit his car on a divider when traveling on the Delhi-Dehradun highway.

The first responder on the scene was a bus driver who rushed to pull Pant out of his car but he didn’t know who the person was.

When Pant revealed his identity, then the bus driver understood that he is a famous cricketer.

Says bus driver Sushil Kumar,

When we reached the car, sparks were rising but it had not yet caught fire.

Adding further, he says,

We pulled out the man from the car, laid him down and ran back to the car to see if there were others inside. I saw no one. When we ran back to the man… we saw his limbs moving. When we went closer, he said I am a cricketer, I am Pant. I had not heard of him but the conductor told me he was a big cricketer.

How did Pant’s accident happen?

On Friday morning, Pant started from Delhi and was going to his hometown Roorkee.

He wanted to surprise his mother and spend the New Year with his family at home. However, when driving on the highway, he dozed off because of which he lost control.

His car then hit the divider and rolled 3-4 times after which it caught fire.

Pant broke the car’s window to get out of the burning vehicle.

Luckily, Pant’s condition is stable at the moment and he is undergoing treatment at Max Hospital, Dehradun.

Additionally, the BCCI has released a statement on Pant’s health in which they have mentioned that the latter has suffered two cuts to his forehead, a ligament tear in his right knee, and has also hurt his right wrist, ankle, toe, and abrasions on his back.

Firstly, Pant was rushed to Saksham Hospital in Roorkee but was then referred to Max Hospital in Dehradun.

Dr. Nagar of Saksham hospital says,

When he was brought to our hospital, he was fully conscious and I spoke to him. He wanted to surprise his mother and was going back home.

Adding further, he says,

Reports of X-rays conducted at our hospital suggest that there are no bone injuries. Yes, there is a ligament tear on his right knee. How serious it is can only be detected after further investigation and a detailed MRI done.

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