Pant writes first-ever Tweet after the accident; thanks everyone


India wicketkeeper batter, Rishabh Pant has finally given some great news to his fans.

Pant has written a tweet after his horrific car accident on the 30th of December 2022 on the Delhi-Dehradun highway.

The young wicketkeeper has thanked everyone for their support and good wishes and has stated that his surgery was successful.

Additionally, Pant has also said that he is looking forward to the recovery process and the new challenges that lie ahead of him.

Pant’s car was severely burnt but he was lucky enough to be rescued from the accident by a passing bus driver and conductor.

Additionally, Pant had received many injuries and abrasions from the accident.

Firstly, Pant’s treatment began at Dehradun after which he was airlifted to Mumbai for his ligament surgery.

Luckily, Pant did not receive any injuries to his brain and spinal cord after the accident.

Pant has thanked the BCCI, government authorities and Jay Shah for helping him throughout this phase.

Pant writes heartfelt tweet to BCCI, Jay Shah and government authorities

Writes Pant,

I am humbled and grateful for all the support and good wishes. I am glad to let you know that my surgery was a success. The road to recovery has begun and I am ready for the challenges ahead. Thank you @BCCI, @JayShah & government authorities for their incredible support.

According to latest reports, Pant will miss out on cricketing action for atleast 18 months now.

Moreover, Delhi Capitals’ Director of Cricket, Sourav Ganguly has recently stated that Pant is going to remain out of the entire season of IPL this year.

The franchise has not yet named a skipper who will fill in for Pant.

Pant has received injuries to his forehead, a ligament tear in his right knee and has also suffered injuries on his right wrist, ankle, and toe.

Along with this, he has also suffered major abrasions on his back.

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