Prithvi Shaw’s coach explains his slow start in IPL 2023

Prithvi Shaw - Delhi Capitals

Prashant Shetty, the childhood coach of Prithvi Shaw, has shed light on the DC opener’s poor form in the ongoing IPL 2023. Prithvi has been criticized for his sluggish batting performance, resulting in his exclusion from the previous match. Shetty explained that the first few matches are crucial to maintain momentum and emphasized the importance of a good start. Shaw has scored low in his six appearances with scores ranging from 0 to 15.

“Expectations, definitely, both his and mine, weren’t met in the first few games. But this is how his game plan and mindset have been over the years. It’s on the riskier side. He takes that risk. For a player like him, the first two matches are very important,”

Shetty said.

He further added:

“When you score early, you get momentum. Just as a team needs momentum, even Shaw needs that early momentum. It didn’t happen, and the pressure kept increasing. He is batting well, but then it takes one ball to dismiss a batter.”

His spirits are high: Prashant Shetty

Shaw has continued his practice sessions despite his poor form in the IPL. His coach Prashant Shetty mentioned that Shaw is optimistic about his chances to make a comeback in the next match, even though he lost his spot in the previous game.

“His spirits are high. He is batting well in the nets. See, he is young but also experienced enough to know that if you are batting well in the nets, it can click at any moment in the match. It’s a different story if one doesn’t bat well in the nets and doesn’t get the confidence of the management. The management has given him a long run so even they have confidence in him,”

concluded Prashant Shetty.

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