Rain interrupted KKR’s match against Gujarat at Eden Gardens

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Eden Gardens share a days old relationship with rain and abandoned matches. Each team would get 1 point of the 2 points allotted. Eden Gardens was never popular even with a better drainage system too. But, few imported pitch covers came to Eden’s buckets with which the authorities can hope to conduct matches.

KKR will face GT for the second time at the Eden Gardens. Rain was forecast in Kolkata on Saturday. There was a chance of rain from afternoon. The rain started from noon at Eden Gardens. As a result, Kolkata’s match against Gujarat Titans did not start on schedule. What rules will be played in KKR vs Gujarat in case of rain?

According to IPL rules, the maximum time to finish the match which starts from 3.30 PM is 7.50 PM. How long the match will be stopped due to rain will depend on the number of overs played. But at least five over matches must be organized.

Umpires have to manage 5 overs at least in case rain gallops most of the overs

As per IPL rules, a match is supposed to be completed within three hours and 20 minutes. These include innings breaks and strategic time-outs. However, if it rains, there will be an additional 60 minutes to organize the full 20-over match. If rain falls before or in the middle of the match and stops play, the umpires will decide how many overs can be played within the stipulated time. But after 7:50 p.m. matches cannot be played.

In other words, to organize a 20-over match, the match must start within 4:30. If the match starts after that, the number of overs will decrease. As time passes, the overs will decrease.
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