Rajasthan Royals faces heartbreak as they don’t get a WPL team

Rajasthan Royals

The owners of the five Women’s Premier League teams have been confirmed by the BCCI today.

The Adani group has bought the Ahmedabad-based team, while Capri Global has got its hands on the Lucknow team.

The other owners are the Mumbai Indians, Royal Challengers Bangalore, and Delhi Capitals respectively.

Sadly, Rajasthan Royals couldn’t bag a team in the inaugural edition but is happy with the introduction of the new league.

The franchise has been an advocate for starting a women’s league in India but was not able to bag any team.

The Royals took their disappointment to their Twitter handle where they wrote,

So who’s going to wear Pink? There won’t be a Royals team at the Women’s IPL yet, but we’re thrilled to finally watch it come to life. Cheering for all five team from the other side.

RR CEO Jake Lush McCrum was confident of bagging a team at WPL

Previously, Rajasthan Royals’ CEO Jake Lush McCrum had made positive statements about acquiring a team in the Women’s Premier League.

The process s open now, and we have got the documents. The bid deadline is Jan 25th. So, we shall see.

McCrum had even talked about the growing potential of women’s cricket in India.

We have invested a huge amount of money in women’s cricket especially in last few years. And that will continue whatever happens.

But during the final five round, Rajasthan Royals got eliminated from the competition to bag a team and faced a huge setback.

Says McCrum,

There is some reasonable economics involved, but we want a team and we have shown that keenness. And it would be two years ago. It might have been just us or a couple of others who were really keen to push this case (Women’s IPL). And it’s great to see the growth of the women’s game since then.

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